Get Knee Pain Relief! Join the hundreds in Dallas who have found relief without the need for surgery.  Call 972-694-5155 today and ask about our knee injection therapy.

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Tired of Knee Pain? Do you have trouble walking and climbing stairs? Have you been told that surgery is the only treatment? You have options. We can help!!

Hyalgan Knee Injections
Knee Pain Specialists Using the latest in technology, our team of physicians and knee specialists provide accurate and effective treatment for your knee pain.

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Non-Surgical Knee Pain Relief in Dallas

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Relieve Knee Pain w/ Hyalgan Therapy - (972) 694-5155

Effective Knee Pain Relief

A series of Hyalgan injections work to "lubricate" your knee & reduce the painful bone-on-bone grinding brought about by osteoarthritis. Months of Knee Pain Relief*.

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Affordable Treatment Plans

This form of treatment is covered by Medicare. The Knee Center offers free screenings and also accepts most insurance companies.

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Little or No Side Effects

This FDA approved state-of-the-art breakthrough treatment involves safe and natural injections that have little or no side effects.

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Physician Directed

Hyalgan injections are administered by osteoarthritis (knee arthritis) physicians using ultrasound and/or video flouroscopy imaging for accuracy.

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Knee Injections

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Fox News recently reports 1/3 of all knee replacement surgeries are inappropriate.

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Get Knee Pain Relief Without Surgery! (972) 694-5155

Get Knee Pain Relief Without Surgery! (972) 694-5155

Get Knee Pain Relief Without Surgery! (972) 694-5155